The interesting experience
besides standard cubes,
do you want to have a try?

Irregular cubes, they make me dream big.

Unlock new fun with the innovative shape.

Release your imagination and exercise your mind.

Unlimited Challenges with lots of fun.

Adventure Time!

MG Pyraminx has a
special structure,
let me have a look.

A Unique Way
of Rotation

Climbing to the peak
of Pyraminx?
It’s a piece of cake!

Wow, there’re
many other patterns

The Pyraminx can transform
into a Launch Tower!

Strong Quality & Inexhaustible Fun
3 Major Techniques

Turning with
Great Stability
Vertical and steady.
The screw core design
provides excellent handfeels.

Firm and Tight

Hardly POP with symmetry
locked clips design.

Light and Durable.
Inexhaustible Fun!
Integrated design,
endurable and light,
extends your playing time.

When curiosity meets cubes,
the fun chain-reaction starts.

Feel Safe
Safe Materials to free your concern
Monster Go insists using environmentally friendly plastics of high quality.
It’s safe and odorless, the worry-free choice for parents.

Professional Certification

  • Novel Patent Certifications

  • Safe Materials
    Eco-friendly and Healthy

  • CE EU Safety Certification

Product Parameter

  • Name:MG Pyraminx

  • Size:96*96*96mm

  • Material:ABS Plastic

  • Weight:59.5 g

The Puzzle World of the Monster Go Brand
As a World-Leading speedcube brand, GANCUBE has created countless fun for cubers all around the world. GANCUBE has witnessed the growth and progresses they made.

With the mission of letting more children to enjoy the fun of solving cubes, we created the MONSTER GO WORLD. Here, we planned our products in stages to inspire children’s step-by-step growth; created the Dr. AI Teaching System to guide children’s every confused moment; we insist on GAN’s outstanding quality, so that children would not be distracted by the defects of the cubes…….

We hope every little explorer can think and grow in the joy of solving the cube, and use the cube as the starting point for a bright future!