Every game is an
exploration of novelty.

Come and solve 4.3×1019 of joys

Let’s start
Qimeng Series

delightful enlightenment

According to the difficulty and fun, you can choose your favourite cube
based on the following order:

Rainbow 3×3 Cube
Cloud 3×3 Cube
UT 3×3 Cube
MG3 magnetic 3×3 Cube

Magnets to boost
the best handfeels

Learn to solve cubes
systematically. 3×3 Rubik’s Cube
is a good place to start.

Plan out your
growth by steps

MG3 Rainbow 3×3 Cube


It’s easy to start with

MG3 Cloud 3×3 Cube


Come on,
try to solve one face

MG3 UT 3×3 Cube


The fascinating and
wonderful structures

MG3 Tradition 3×3 Cube


Here comes the classic
intelligent challenge

MG3 magnetic 3×3 cube


The challenge of speed

3×3 cube too difficult?
Try a simpler 2×2 cube!
MG2 Black Belt 2×2 Cube


Seems odd but simple

MG2 Tradition 2×2 Cube


Try a full solve

Play with the twisty puzzles
and find more amazing fun!


What a fun way to turn!

Now, invite more
friends to join!
3×3 Rubik’s Cube Gift Set

Multiple structures,
hand-brain movement

Playing puzzles
is a worldwide trend!

The Puzzle World of the Monster Go Brand
The Puzzle World of the Monster Go Brand As a World-Leading speedcube brand, GANCUBE has created countless fun for cubers all around the world. GANCUBE has witnessed the growth and progresses they made.

With the mission of letting more children to enjoy the fun of solving cubes, we created the MONSTER GO WORLD. Here, we planned our products in stages to inspire children’s step-by-step growth; created the Dr. AI Teaching System to guide children’s every confused moment; we insist on GAN’s outstanding quality, so that children would not be distracted by the defects of the cubes…….

Come on, little explorers, think and grow in the joy of solving the cube, and use the cube as the starting point with Monster-Go!
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    produced safe materials

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