Cubing is so popular around
the world. Do you know why?

Comprehensive – Intellectual development

  • Concentration
  • Hand-brain
  • Sense of space
  • Logical thinking


R’ F’ R U

R U’ R’ U2

R U R’

R U’ R’ F’

R U R’

R’ F’ R U’

U R U’ R’

Y’ R’U’R

U R U’ R’

Y’ U’ R’U R

Infinity – Explore more

With 4.3×10^19 combinations, the more you try the more joys you can get.

Long-Term – Skills gains

A quick start, a puzzle skill you won’t forget

Learn cubing with ease, enjoy the fun of enlightenments.

The cube seems simple, but learning to solve it is a test of
true mathematical abilities such as space, logic, abstraction, etc.
If parents taught in a wrong way, children would be frustrated and they would give up soon, and
both parents and children would waste their time in vain.

To adapt to the cognitive development of young children,
Monster Go’s cube is designed innovatively step-by-step,
with each model focusing on one principle aspect.
They allow children to explore freely in the cognitive comfort zone,
and learn cubing with ease and solve puzzles with amusement.

Step by Step  Grow up easily
3 × 3
Turning comes with fun.
It’s popular and classical, and is more challenging.
Every little explorer should try.
We’ve prepared thoughtful AI lessons for it.
Perfect hand-feels and designs make every solve wonderful.
Hey! I am Dr. AI
You can learn to
solve a cube faster with me!

Traditional paper guides and video tutorials
cannot show 4.3×10 combinations.

  • The guides cannot
    demonstrate so many
  • Without any progress,
    kids would be frustrated.
  • A green hand adult
    cannot teach their kids.
Mess it up in half way? Fail to solve? Don’t worry!
We have our dedicated Dr. AI teaching system,
letting you follow through and solve step by step.
  • Efficient tutorial
    with 3D animations.

  • Real-Time cube status.

  • Solve it through perfect paths.

Crack proof and strong
3 patented technologies.
Light and endurable.
The best handfeels.
Integrated designs,
light and endurable,
to extend your playi
Adjustable elasticity.
Make your handfeels in control.
Inserted nuts, with two
distances: Big distance-Loose, Small distance-Tight.
Firm and tight.
Crack proof.
All locked clips design,
giving cubes super strength.
play it!
Show me that
you can solve a cube!
And the safety.
Let kids grow happily
with safe materials.
Monster Go is insistently using high-quality
and environmentally friendly produced plastics,
safe and odorless, eliminating all your worries.
Professional Certification
  • New Patent Certification

  • Environmentally friendly
    produced safe materials

  • CE EU safety certification

Product Parameter
  • Name: MG3 Traditional 3×3 Cube

  • Size: 56*56*56mm

  • Material: ABS plastic

  • Weight: 81 g

The Puzzle World of the Monster Go Brand
As a World-Leading speedcube brand, GANCUBE has created countless fun for cubers all around the world. GANCUBE has witnessed the growth and progresses they made.

With the mission of letting more children to enjoy the fun of solving cubes, we created the MONSTER GO WORLD. Here, we planned our products in stages to inspire children’s step-by-step growth; created the Dr. AI Teaching System to guide children’s every confused moment; we insist on GAN’s outstanding quality, so that children would not be distracted by the defects of the cubes…….

We hope every little explorer can think and grow in the joy of solving the cube, and use the cube as the starting point for a bright future!