Rainbow, UT and Standard, the 3×3 Cube Exploration League
has been assembled. The wonderful world of 3×3 cubes are
waiting for us, would you join us, little explorers?

Innovative Cubes for Different Stages.

MG3 Rainbow 3×3 Cube


MG3 UT 3×3 Cube


MG3 Standard 3×3 Cube


Explorer I – MG3 Rainbow 3×3 Cube
White, blue and orange.
A magnificent rainbow in the sky.
It is so cool!
Interest Enlightenment.

Easy to get start,
Run your mind quick.

Catch your attention.

Colors spin round and round.
No one wanna put it down.

Colorful rainbow

Kids love it and will
never say “NO”

Explorer II – MG3 UT 3×3 Cube
Brainstorm for letters,
gather U T together!
Interesting letter challenge

Form a U and a T?
Funny challenge for you and me.

Train Your Logical Thinking.

Think as you turn.
It’s a bit of a challenge.

March on to standard 3×3 cubes

Congrats to the solve,
one step closer to the Standard 3×3 cube!

Explorer III – MG3 Standard 3×3 Cube
Classic intelligent challenge
4.3×1019of joys!
DR.AI teaching online

Real-time guidance
leads you step by step.

Overall intellectual

√Hand-brain collaboration.
√Logical thinking

Super Classic

TOP Popularity Globally
One that you’ll regret missing.

Are you ready?
3-2-1-Let’s go!
Come and join the
Exploration League!

The gift of growth
for your child

An invitation to explore
with a good friend

Also a funny partner
for yourself

Feel safe
Safe Materials to free your concern.
Monster Go insists using environmentally friendly plastics of high quality.
It’s safe and odorless, the worry-free choice for parents.
Professional Certification
  • Novel Patent Certifications

  • Safe materials
    Eco-friendly and healthy

  • CE EU Safety Certification

The Puzzle World of the Monster Go Brand
As a World-Leading speedcube brand, GANCUBE has created countless fun for cubers all around the world. GANCUBE has witnessed the growth and progresses they made.

With the mission of letting more children to enjoy the fun of solving cubes, we created the MONSTER GO WORLD. Here, we planned our products in stages to inspire children’s step-by-step growth; created the Dr. AI Teaching System to guide children’s every confused moment; we insist on GAN’s outstanding quality, so that children would not be distracted by the defects of the cubes…….

We hope every little explorer can think and grow in the joy of solving the cube, and use the cube as the starting point for a bright future!